How to get started on ‘Spree with Me’ as a Style Artist

  1. Create a login for this website.

Then sign up and confirm your email address via your email account.

  1. Create your personal profile.

Provide lots of detail about your relevant training and experience, enough personal information to show your personal flair, and enough spark to keep it fun to read. Speak about yourself in a way to really differentiate yourself and the type of people or particular style tribe who might best benefit from shopping with you. Leave your personal contact details private. See Personal Profile example template.

  1. Upload your profile photo

Your profile photo must show your actual face so clients can find you in public later on. 

  1. Provide your bank account details – where you want payment.
  1. Decide on your expertise and niche

What will set you apart? Where, with whom and for what type of items are you offering Sprees? The more ‘you’ your Sprees are, the more you’ll attract the best customers for you, and the more likely you are to host authentic experiences. Chat with Imogene at Spree with Me if you’d like help defining your Spree niche/s.

  1. Read these instructions: How to List a Spree
  1. Write your Spree descriptions.
    Draft it in a word document before entering it online to help you review and revise it before it’s live. 50 to 200 words is ideal. Create as many Sprees as you want, but aim to keep them niche and a bit special.
  1. Obtain photos for your Spree descriptions
    You may only use photos you have the rights to. It will need to be of the exact location where you are offering the services and it’s best if it’s a photo you’ve sourced yourself. Why not create a mock Spree with a friend (or a Spree with Me team member) as a trial, and take photos on the day?
  1. Create your Spree Listings
    Log into Spree with Me click [+Offer a New Spree], enter
    a) the description
    b) photos
    c) availability per day of the week (in line with the store opening hours)
    d) hit post – your sprees are now live and ready for booking!
  1. Promotion of Sprees.

Spree with Me will promote your Sprees, but you may also further promote your services separately to help generate more business for yourself.

  1. Receive a booking
    You’ll first receive an email. Reply to the customer via our website messaging service to confirm their booking and decide together on the exact public meeting place. Eg, outside a coffee shop, or at an information desk.
  1. Send them Spree Survey
    Send your client the Spree survey to obtain further information about what they are seeking on the day.
  1. Preparation
    Use their survey information and personal profiles to help you prepare in advance for when you meet on the day. Create a rough plan of the places you will take them.
  1. Greeting the client
    When you meet, have a quick sit and chat first to share your plan for the day, to ask them more questions, and ensure your expectations are in alignment. (Ps – don’t forget to mention that you can both stop for a drink/snack break or find a bathroom whenever they want).
  1. Have great fun on your Spree!
    Remain responsive and flexible to what is on your plan
  1. Take photos
    Offer to take photos of them with their phone of before and after shots of their new look and remind them to hashtag #spreewithme. (Or their permission for you to post photos).
  1. Wrap-up
    Graciously thank them at the end of your Spree. You may see them again someday! Ask them to kindly review your Spree – they’ll receive an email notification from us soon.


Important note on transportation:

  • Do not plan or offer to drive your customer anywhere. Do not hop into a client’s vehicle. Your safety and the safety of your clients is important to us. Neither parties are covered by Spree for accidents. If you must change location together, please call an Uber, Taxi or catch public transport. Either way, decide beforehand who will cover the cost. If travel is a necessary part of every similar Spree you offer, include it in you Spree description and total upfront price, with transportation later paid for by you.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton



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